At our academy we run various sporting programme for all walks of life, some of the current undertakings are

  • Free Tennis Programme for underprivileged children
  • Tennis Coaching for students & adults
  • Horse Riding Lessons & Equestrians Sports
  • Cricket Coaching
  • Foot Ball Coaching
  • Taekwondo Coaching
  • Basketball Coaching
  • Yoga & Aerobics
  • Roller Skating
  • Executive Fitness Programme for Healthy


Our primary intention is to produce sports talent in the pursuit of creating players of international standards through our sports science based programme. Our coaching programmes are scientifically designed by internationally renowned coaches. We use the latest tools & technology to coach our trainees such as Ball Machine, Videos, Updated module of coaching by top coaches of the world.
Our batches are divided in three different categories Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. Beginners are taught the fundamental concepts and correct basic skills of the game, as a strong foundation is essential for their future development. Advanced techniques are taught to intermediate and tournament level players.

Munchkin Tennis

A unique programme designed for children under 4 years and 7 years of age. It is a tennis programme for the young ones to improve on their hand and eye coordination, ball sense, movement, judgement and anticipation which usually works as the basics for any sports they would take up later. The children in this programme are taught through various interesting games created by the coaches who are directly co-related with the game. The equipments used for this programme is three-fourth the size of the usual tennis racket and can be played in a area of badminton court. It is an ideal activity for the schools to hold for the pre-primary and primary classes.

Recreational Programmes

This programme is basically for all sports lovers irrespective of age, who would like to benefit from the facilities of the academy. It is an ideal programme for adults not only to improve their skills and knowledge about the game but also to keep themselves fit and healthy and most importantly to have fun playing an outdoor sport.

Group Coaching

Our aim is to provide top quality coaching at competitive rates, for the betterment of students health and overall well being. Being part of the healthy environment, students in small batches will have plenty of scope to show their talents. Our coaches will constantly monitor each childs progress ensuring that they are in a suitable batch according to their ability. Aspiring students will be put on to advanced levels of coaching once they have mastered the basic techniques of their sports.

Individual Coaching

The programme is specially designed to fulfill individual needs with lessons tailored specifically for the students athletic ability and playing level. Individual concern, detail, motivation, creativity are some of the hallmarks of this programme. The progress of the trainees would be judged and would be introduced to different coaches as per their advancement.

Corporate Sports Fest

Enjoy an eventful day out with your family and friends & your office colleagues in a lush green Sports Complex, we will organize different sports and games to facilitate everyone along with a variety of delicious cuisines.